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Early Reading

Dolch Sight Words DVD

Dolch Sight Words DVD
Part 1

Kindergarten /Primary Level

  • Contains all the words presented in Kindergarten
  • Over 100 words total!
  • Divded into easy to learn lists of 20
  • Rhythm based learning

Learn the Sight Words.
Kindergarten /Primary Level

The Dolch Sight Words Video/DVD Part 1 plays all the sight words required in kindergarten through stimulating visuals to a rhythmic and repetitive beat, helping children acquire, learn, and retain recognition of the Dolch sight words.

A much more effective and entertaining approach to presenting the sight words than traditional flash cards, this DVD is an excellent tool for early reading.

Alpha-Beat DVD
Letter recognition, sounds & phonics.

Alpha-Beat DVD
A brand new approach to teaching letter recognition and phonics.

  • upper & lower case letter recognition
  • letter sounds and phonics
  • writing upper & lower case letters
  • beginning letter sounds
  • sign-language alphabet

"My son who was 18 months when I got it was simply in love with the video. it is amazing how much you have to reinforce stuff for a two year old. But, practice makes perfect, and hearing that stuff over and over, I think helps to organize the material. I have purchased a few other programs, from other vendors, and have gotten a free series of games, but by far he is much more attentive to your product, and little by little he is singing along, which helps to reinforce me to continue playing it..."
-S.G., New River, AZ

Rhythm based learning.

The new Alpha-Beat DVD holds the attention of babies, toddlers and young children with the use of fun imagery, animation, jingles, music, and our lovable character, Zoodle. The alphabet letters come to life in rhythmic animations, chanting their sounds to reinforce the phonics and recognition of upper and lower-case letters.

Through a variety of captivating techniques, repetition and other attention-grabbing sounds and visuals, this entertaining and educational alphabet video will have your baby, toddler, or child fluent in the alphabet in no time.

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